WOW Workplace Wellness

Working towards workplace wellness is a win-win―healthier, happier staff and a better bottom line.

Lifestyle ‘risk’ factors such as smoking, excess alcohol consumption, poor diet, lack of physical activity and excess weight contribute to time away from work and reduced worker performance.

A literature review of 152 studies worldwide conducted by Monash University found that workplace wellness programs help curb absenteeism, enhance productivity and efficiency, improve anxiety, stress and psychological wellbeing and create loyalty and job satisfaction even among staff who didn’t utilize the program.

Results of a workplace health survey commissioned by Medibank Private found that 71 percent achieved a health and wellbeing score of less than 50 (out of 100). Employees with poor overall health status compared to healthy employees are 9 times more likely to take sick days (18 compared to 2 per year) and 3 times less productive (49 effective hours per month compared to 143).

WOW workplace wellness program focuses on nutrition for mental and physical health.

WOW offers health and stress assessment tools, e-consultations, information about healthy living, and easy-to-follow e-books and videos on a variety of topics including:

  • Weight Loss
  • Gut Health
  • Heart Health
  • Cancer Care
  • Stress and Mental Health
  • Detox and Fasting
  • Diet and Exercise

Achieving and maintaining normal healthy weight is a critical factor in having good health. People who are overweight know they need to lose weight … if only they knew how!.

WOW’s Skinny World Diet Program is a clinically proven weight loss solution that helps people lose weight quickly and safely without the usual side effects of a ‘normal’ calorie-restricted diet―hunger, moodiness or fatigue. What’s more 70 percent of Skinny World dieters are able to maintain their new lower weight over the medium to long term without difficulty. Now that’s NEW.

WOW’s online coaching and counselling by qualified medical professionals makes getting fit and healthy a reachable goal.

By the way―did you know that dietary counselling is proven to be just as effective for mental health issues as psychotherapy? This makes nutritional counselling a positive treatment option.

Starting from as little as USD 59.95 per employee per annum your company can introduce WOW’s workplace wellness program and reap the benefits of healthier, happier staff and a healthier bottom line.

For information about how to add WOW to your workplace wellness program use Live Chat below to contact us NOW.