SIBO SIFO Parasite Diets

AUD $4.50

When toxins damage your gut it opens the gate to opportunistic pathogens. SIBO SIFO Parasite Diets is a quick and easy fix for people with tummy troubles caused by bacteria fungus and worms. Approximately 50 percent of people carry parasites―that alarming statistic increases to 80 percent for people with chemical and metal toxicity IBS and SIFO. Find out how to get rid of them!



When you have a healthy microbiome and your immune system works well, good bacteria keep fungi and other pathogens under control. People with SIBO―small intestine bacterial overgrowth, SIFO―small intestine fungal overgrowth―e.g. Candida albicans―and parasites need special treatment and foods. WOW’s SIBO SIFO Parasite Diets explain everything you need to know to build a healthy gut and be rid of pathogens forever.

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