How to Survive the Coronavirus

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How to Survive the Coronavirus is the essential guide to, well, how to survive it.

The China Outbreak Virus in December 2019 or COVID19, as it’s now called, is not as deadly as SARS or MERS but about 26 percent of people who get infected will need hospitalization.

This World of Wellness eBook includes advice from WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in an easy-to-follow format PLUS 10 highly effective alternative strategies to:

  • avoid getting COVID19
  • treat someone in your home with COVID19
  • prevent others in your home from catching COVID19

How to Survive the Coronavirus is a MUST HAVE for people who live on their own, families, clubs, hotels, churches, education institutions and the workplace.

This eBook is designed for the general public as an education tool in community settings as well as an educational resource for hospital and clinic staff.

You need to know what COVID19 is, what its weakness is and what strategies, food and products you need to target its weaknesses, and how to do it NOW―BEFORE it’s too late.

It contains 50 easy-to-understand illustrated pages.

Don’t put it off. Plan for survival. Recommend How to Survive the Coronavirus to all your family, friends and colleagues TODAY.

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English, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese – 中文, Spanish – español